Web Summit Press Release

Increase Engagement, Drive Traffic and Boost Revenues with Native Video Experiences Using Vipeline.

Vipeline’s® founders recognized a growing need from brands, publishers and advertising agencies to leverage a native user generated, social video experience in their respective digital footprints. Vipeline® set out to create a turnkey solution that was both user and brand-friendly. Vipeline® is a patent pending recording tool that engages users on websites and banner ads without requiring an app.

Chris Wall, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Vipeline® said “Before we got Vipeline® off the ground, I was Director of Video Technology at the Wall Street Journal. Throughout my career I saw so many video technologies that were trying to be the quickest way to bring user and branded video content to digital platforms. Nothing was truly fast or turn-key enough to really do the job.”

Vipeline® officially launched in January 2015. This seamless experience includes easy customization and moderation, and is quickly deployed to any HTML framework. Users can record up to 30 second videos directly on a brand’s site or ad using mobile devices (iOS and Android) and desktops (with a webcam). To ensure brand safety, Vipeline® offers an automated moderation tool that requires limited resources to manage content.

“We’re confident we’ve revolutionized a content generation methodology in providing brands and publishers with this technology so that they can enable this cross-platform, engaging experience to their visitors. This helps increase interaction between their users, without having to depend on them downloading an app to their device or computer,” said Dave Barker, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Vipeline.

In May of 2015, The New York Institute of Finance (NYIF), one of America’s oldest financial education providers, announced an exclusive partnership with Vipeline allowing students and faculty to record and share video questions, directly via NYIF.com.

“We are mindful as we deliver a greater proportion of our training digitally, to ensure the huge value in personal interaction between Instructor and Student can be maintained. Video Q&A offered through the Vipeline® technology will allow us to create one truly global NYIF community and better serve our students going forward,” said Lee Arthur, Managing Director, of the New York Institute of Finance & Execsense.

In August 2015, both Focus Online and Xing (divisions of Hubert Burda Media) began strategizing with Vipeline® to integrate this technology into a few large-scale campaigns on their platforms. Oliver Eckert, CEO of Focus Online, said “Vipeline is a great tool. It is easy to use and very powerful. The video experience on Focus Online becomes even better.”

Alex Hamilton, Co-Founder and CEO of Vipeline®, believes they are providing an opportunity to capitalize on native brand advocacy. Any content created and shared from the natively deployed Vipeline® experience will drive friends or followers back to the brand site where the Vipeline® module lives.

“There are so many mobile apps being introduced everyday. We took a different approach, by introducing frictionless content generation that is platform and device agnostic. We are tapping into the conventional browser experience by allowing brands to natively enhance their user’s engagement, from any device. In doing so, brands and publishers are creating a true social experience within their own digital platforms, without having to send those visitors away to a 3rd party site or download a mobile app.”